Join the Finqu Partner Program

Join a network of industry agencies, designers, and creators who use Finqu to deliver great commerce solutions to their customers.

Finqu invests in your growth

We actively invest in the growth of our partners' businesses. We offer various options to support growth by co-promoting, creating new customer relationships, and providing market-leading revenue sharing.


Marketing with special offers

Shall we do marketing together? Well, of course! When you have a great marketing plan, we can participate. For example, by offering the service for 3 months free of charge to your new customers. Contact us, and we'll work together to help you with your marketing.

Get ready for new customer relationships

Publish your information to a network of experts and tell merchants about your professional skills. Showcase your expertise to potential customers and collect new customers through Finqu.

Merchants need services such as

Graphic design and logos, Customization of the online store theme, Building e-commerce from scratch, Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, POS systems, Integrations and application development.

Finqu takes care of platform maintenance, and we forward all service requests to the partners' network.

You get a steady cash flow

Market-leading revenue sharing ensures a steady cash flow for your business. You'll earn a steady income from all your own customers, which will accelerate your business growth.

Market-leading revenue sharing

Let the good news circulate and recommend Finqu ,or use it to implement customer projects. You will receive a continuous cash flow from all your customers.

Revenue model

We pay the best fees on the market for all new customers who arrive through you.

Tell everyone about Finqu wherever you are. Share your referral link, and you'll always get paid. Read more and get your referral link.

  • 50% of the customer's monthly fee. Valid for 12 months.

Commission of at least $/year per customer when using Grow $114, Pro $294, Plus $1194.

No limits

Make money without unnecessary restrictions. There is no limit to the total payouts.


Work with the best tools

Find new ways to make things even easier and faster. Increase efficiency and get better productivity from your own work.


Better tools for you and your customers

It doesn't matter if you're big or small. You can easily implement functional e-commerce solutions for your customers without even touching the code. On the other hand, flexible tools and access to the theme's source code allow for extensive customization.

Customers appreciate versatile but easy tools that make trading effortless. As the business grows, the service expands seamlessly with the customer's needs.

Execute online stores with modern technologies

Finqu's online store is made using the latest technologies and is one of the most modern on the market. Themes are fully customizable, and you can build a unique theme for your customer.

Check out the theme documentation in the developer area.

Collaborate with a partner who values you

We took a fresh approach to partnership. We respond quickly, support your growth, and help provide the best merchandising solutions on the market for your customers.