Privacy Policy

Finqu Ltd Privacy Policy. Last updated 14 January 2019.


The Privacy Policy is intended as a tool for the planning, monitoring, and development of data protection. The Privacy Statement fulfills the reporting obligation under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, in addition, serves as an aid and support to Finqu Ltd's personnel, as well as source material for our customers.

Finqu Ltd acts as a data processor (processor) and maintains the commerce platform. The privacy statement describes the data flows related to Finqu Ltd's software services, as well as the status of data processing monitoring and control.

1. Data flows

Below are listed the different data flows from which information is stored in our systems.

Data flows


  • User's name, email address and contact information.

Mailing lists

  • Email address


  • User's name, email address, contact information, ip address, order content, delivery and payment method.

Shopping cart tracking

  • Source country, city, shopping cart content, shop page history.

Information Systems

Commerce Software

  • Commerce Software and its Backend Management

Shopping Cart Tracking (Analytics)

  • Analytics for Shopping Cart Tracking

General Analytics

  • Anonymous statistics about users visiting the store.

Data reserves

  • Customer register
  • Email register
  • Order register

2. Instructions

Our employees are instructed and trained to understand the data processing requirements of the new regulation. Without a specific request from our customer, we do not process personal data. We always aim first and foremost to instruct the customer to process the personal data they have collected.

3. Processes Processing Personal Data

We only mechanically process personal and order data from customer registers upon the customer's separately identified request. Machine processing is automated and includes the opening of a customer account, automatic emails, order processing, and other similar processes that enable e-commerce operations.

Our service uses analytics that stores customer profiles (cart tracking) if the merchant has allowed it. Exact statistics will be deleted or anonymized three months after the data have been generated. After that, only anonymous generic analytics without identification are available.

4. Protection of data

All personal data is stored in secure systems that are not directly accessible from the Internet. At least two levels of login and strongly encrypted connections are used in all maintenance activities. All passwords stored in databases are strongly encrypted. Purchasing, login, and other pages containing passwords or personal data are protected by strong bank-level TLS protection.

5. Geographical location of the data

Finqu Ltd's servers are located in various locations around the world. The systems processing personal data are located in one server, which is closest to the geographical location of the merchant.

6. Disclosure of information

If necessary, we disclose information at the request of the authorities. We will inform the customer about the disclosure of the data, if legally possible.

We disclose personal data to partners, such as payment and logistics services, in order to enable the operation of our online store, for example, to a bank for a payment transaction and to enable delivery to the transport company.