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Store owners' experiences

Store owners love numerous things about Finqu. For example, the ease of use and excellent customer service get many compliments.

In my experience, it is good, clear and easy to use. The customer service is excellent! I recommend.
Rigit Tmi
Finqu's versatile online store is a good choice for a growing company. Functions have remained timely, and customer service always works flawlessly. Finqu has been in use for about 3 years now. Before that, we used a couple of other platforms. Finqu is a modern, evolving, and versatile e-commerce platform that has helped us grow our own business without worrying about the technical functions of e-commerce. We recommend!
Finqu's online store makes it easy to start an e-commerce business. If you have no experience in coding and want to set up an online store, then Finqu is a really affordable alternative.

Beautiful online stores

Whether your dream is to sell fashion, beauty, children's products, interior decoration, or any other products, Finqu makes selling effortless and comfortable. Click on the image to see a few examples of online store.









More testimonials

I definitely recommend Finqu, and several familiar retailers are about to become Finqu users after getting to know our store and its features. Excellent customer service has always been available when I have needed help and has patiently guided such a novice. I am pleased.
Lastentarvike Vesselit
Yes, I can recommend it.
Timo Järvinen
My quick experience so far is okay. At least for a small merchant, everything has played, as long as I learn to use it properly, i.e., get used to easy usability.
Eija Yrjölä
Rautanyrkki Oy
The price-quality ratio is right, and the store works fine.
Annika Airasmaa-Aaldijk
It has worked out nicely for my smaller needs.
Jari Lindström
In our selection of Finqu, what has been said about the future, the visionary side, weighed heavily. Multi-channeling is important. We also have a brick-and-mortar store and look forward to the in-store function.
Finqu surprised us with its good customer service. The simple platform of the e-shop works well, and Finqu clearly seems to have motivated employees who are moving the site positively forward. UKKO RECOMMEND!

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