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Built-in sales channels

Sell your products hassle-free

Share your product for sale anywhere. Reach customers across all channels and boost your business. Finqu is a modern multi-channel commerce platform. We've simplified the commerce. 

Online Store

Harness a professional online store to generate online sales for your business.


Manage your wholesale customers easily and receive orders effortlessly online.


Enjoy easy selling in a brick-and-mortar store or warehouse with the Finqu point of sale.

Events & Fairs

Bring the shop to events & fairs and sell easily with the Finqu POS app.

Add only products and all sales channels are ready to generate orders for your business. Finqu is suitable for small and large businesses. Get started now or see our pricing

Create online store

You have big dreams. We have easy tools to reach them.

Now it's easy to start selling with a professional online store. Use our incredible tools to make your dreams come true. 


Choose the best of pre-designed themes

When creating an online store, pre-designed themes are the easiest way to get started. Choose a style that fits your business and start in minutes.

Finish the style to fit your company's brand

Editing theme colors, images, and text are really easy. Build a beautiful online store without touching the code.

Easy and intuitive online store builder

An easy online store builder includes ready-made sections that you just drop onto the page wherever you want. It's so easy.

Enjoy powerful features

Sell like the best

Built-in powerful features make sales better. Sell like the best merchants on the planet and create your own success story. 

All is set

Don't worry about the technique. Just start. Finqu is a fully completed commerce platform, including automatic web hosting and all the necessary technology.

Secure operation

Leave it to us to make sure your store works. Continuous 24/7 monitoring and repair of technical problems are always included in the plan.

No worrying about updates

The platform's new features will be updated automatically and without any additional charges. You have the best tools on the market to make sales now and in the future.

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Loved by Customers

Many success stories have begun here. Join a group of happy merchants who make better sales every day with Finqu.

Finqu's versatile online store is a good choice for a growing company. Functions have remained timely, and customer service always works flawlessly. Finqu has been in use for about 3 years now. Before that, we used a couple of other platforms. Finqu is a modern, evolving, and versatile e-commerce platform that has helped us grow our own business without worrying about the technical functions of e-commerce. We recommend!
Finqu surprised us with its good customer service. The simple platform of the e-shop works well, and Finqu clearly seems to have motivated employees who are moving the site positively forward. UKKO RECOMMEND!
When we started the online store, we chose Finqu because it had the best price and the easiest management. In choosing Finqu, it was important to build the online store ourselves, so we know how to use and maintain the store without outside help. Finqu's customer service is, in my opinion, the best in the world!
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